If you're a property owner, or an investor, we want to show you how much sense this type of development makes from both financial and planning perspectives - when done thoughtfully, properly, and professionally.

--- Zoning to allow 3 storeys
--- City staff on-board for higher densities
--- In-demand market for renters

A typical 2-storey, 20' wide commercial storefront is worth approx $1M.  If you can add one floor and two rental units, cost is approx $500k.  Avg rental rates are $1800/mo x 2 x 12 = $43k/yr revenue / $500k investment = 8.6% annual return!

Not to mention that your 3-storey building is now worth much more, and your monthly return is substantially higher.

This is development that makes sense.

Renovation to Existing 2-Storey Mixed Use Building
at 111 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, On

Existing New
Commercial Area 842 sf 1172 sf
Residential Units 1 3
Residential Area 942 sf 3458 sf